What modes will be included in the game?

We would love to include every mode that you would expect from a AAA sports title, that may not happen but we aim high. We can increase our game modes with subsequent games but we do have a couple of tiers of what we want to achieve with the first:

  • Mandatory
    • Teams – County men’s teams
    • Challenge Match – Regular 1 v 1 one-off match, local multiplayer or versus CPU
    • Online – 1 v 1 multiplayer match online, ranked and unranked
    • Competition – Play league or championship in a variety of different structures
    • Training – Practice different scenarios to get used to the controls
    • Edit mode – Create and edit players and teams, including appearances, skills, stats, team jersey, lineups, etc.
  • Desirable
    • Teams – Club teams and All Star/Legendary teams as well as ladies
    • Challenge Match – Co-op (2/3/4-a-side)
    • Career – Play as a team, player or coach through a number of seasons and all competitions
    • Live Updates – Get continuous stat updates for players depending on their current form, also replay some of the recent matches that have occurred or face off against the team of the week
    • Edit mode – Download other people’s creations
    • Online – Co-op (2/3/4-a-side)/Tournament (League/Championship)/Seasons
  • Long Shot
    • MyClub/Ultimate Team – Build your dream team. Possibly loot box or season pass related
    • Online – 15 v 15
    • Single player story mode
    • Edit mode – Logo and stadium designer

If you can think of other modes we can assess and put it in a tier, if it is feasible.