The 500th edition of the Gaelic Life has an article on us and All Star Gaelic Football. I would recommend picking up a copy if you can, but if that’s not possible you can read it at

Just on the back of this we would like to emphasise how much your support and sharing of information about the game helps us to eventually get the game to you. Game development is a long and expensive process, when you want to do it right. We have learned that the hard way and as such are still on the look out for investment and sponsorship opportunities to help this get made.

To do this we need to reach out to the people with the right resources to help us along the way. The only way we can do that is showing the desire of the fans that want the game in their hands. That is you! We rely so much on you helping spread the word, sharing the website, liking/sharing Facebook posts, retweeting. It is you that can help make this happen.

A lot of people keep asking about when the game will be released, it is a difficult question to answer. If we answer it in the most optimistic way, if everything goes smoothly, we would have 1 answer, if we answered it in a realistic way (nothing ever goes to plan) then we would have a completely different answer. Right now, the only thing that can be said for sure is that it will not be out this Christmas. Optimistically, Christmas 2017; Realistically, Christmas 2018; Pessimistically, Christmas 2019.

Making games is not quick and easy, it is expensive, stressful and long. So we hope you have the patience to stick with us as we go through this journey. As we say in the article, we have some good contacts we are working on at the moment and we hope to have some good news regarding that in the near future. So stay tuned and SHARE everything you can about us and the game. If you have a rich uncle, let him know that we are looking to talk! 🙂

We are looking into ways to get the best ways to improve the content you receive for Gaelic Football and Hurling. This will help inform how we get the word out about All Star Gaelic Football and give us opportunities to make Gaelic Football and Hurling content that helps advance our great sports.

From jokes to serious opinion pieces, scores to podcasts. What do you enjoy seeing and what would you like to see?

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