Games & Apps

Mojopin Studios are an independent game development studio, focussing currently on one game and one game only, All Star Gaelic® Football. But we have produced some mobile apps/games and continue to work on more.


All Star Gaelic® Football
Our flagship product, the game we are pushing with all our might. ASG Football will be a proper simulation of Gaelic Football on PC and console, like never seen before. More details and images to follow…

Future Slate – All Star Gaelic® Football 2, All Star Gaelic® Hurling, All Star Gaelic® Handball, All Star Gaelic® Rounders, Unnamed Irish Historical Hack’n’Slash, Unnamed Narrative Puzzler, Unnamed Gaelic Football Collectible Card Game…Plus anything else we can think of!


  • Betting Odds Calculator
  • LaminateIt
  • Gaelic Live Scores
  • Matrixify