We have published 3 frequently asked questions to help people understand where we are with the game and what our ambition is.

If anyone has any other ideas for questions, get in contact and we’ll try to answer. There are a lot of questions I’m sure, we will do our best to answer any question you may have.

Stay tuned!

*** Yes this was an April Fools joke! See HERE ***

We have unfortunately had to make the decision to change the name of our game. Due to a trademark dispute we have had to leave aside All Star Gaelic Football for our new name, we hope you like it, Awesome Super Gaelic Football!

Don’t worry, we are still making the game, but on the eve of our Kickstarter we have had to undergo a few changes to the game. We didn’t want to leave all of our branding behind, so decided to repurpose ASG. But changing from All Star Gaelic to Awesome Super Gaelic Football lead us to re-evaluate how we should be presenting the game. Awesome Super Gaelic Football gave us an opportunity to make a much more varied and fun experience! See below for a few of our updates:

  • We now only cater for 7-a-side matches
    • This lets the game be much more fluid and exciting.
  • There are no fouls
    • Hit your opponent as hard as you like, no ref will stop you!
  • Star players have special moves!
    • Moves include Rocket Boots, Teleport, Claw Arm, Thunder Cloud or Time Bomb!
  • Fight your way through the game
    • We have added a fight mode that allows 2 players to square up if they tackle each other a number of times. You don’t want to lose this one!
  • Single player campaign
    • We are adding a single player mode that encompasses everything a Gaelic Football player gets up to in everyday life. Choose a profession, including farmer, teacher and accountant, perform your job dutifully everyday then take to the training field in the evening. Meet a fine filly on the weekends and bring home the cash to keep her sweet. You will play around 4 matches in this campaign but this isn’t the focus of the mode. We are proud of what we’ve achieved with this campaign and hope you will be happy too! Ever wanted to be a school principal? Well now you can!

These are just a couple of changes that we are making to the game. Look out for more during our Kickstarter campaign!