We have posted a Kickstarter update that we would really wished we would not to have to do, but feel like it is the right time to admit defeat. This is only defeat in the Kickstarter, for various reasons, not defeat on the game. We are still dedicated to bringing All Star Gaelic Football to you, so stay tuned and stay upbeat! See the link below for more info!


Super Gamer Podcast

Super Gamer Podcast have released their latest episode and who is the interviewee? It is of course our very own Peadar. He chats about the game, explains Gaelic Football to a Canadian and talks about the game development scene in Ireland. It is good to see the game getting an international audience.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Give the guys at Super Gamer Podcast a wee follow as well!

Super Gamer episode 69 – All Star Gaelic Football

We put together a quick video to show off how we go from motion capture to in-game. Hopefully it’s a good wee insight into the processes that we have to go through to bring you the best game we possibly can. If there is anything else you would like to see, from a behind-the-scenes perspective, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!


Well it has been a long day, and a long night, but we have the Kickstarter campaign live and there have been pledges coming in! We got so caught up with updating our social media that we forgot about our site!

This is an important time for All Star Gaelic Football. The first week of our campaign should see the most of our funding coming in. We are off to a relatively slow start but we have other promo activities in the coming week that should help us shoot that fund up. In saying that we are eternally grateful to those that have already pledged. Your support is what keeps us going, we’re making the game that we want to play, but hopefully it is what everyone else wants to play as well!

So go have a look at our Kickstarter if you haven’t already, that link is below. Our associated teaser trailer is below that again. Let us know what you think, is there anything you would change? Anything you’d like to know more about? Any feedback at all, it is warmly welcomed.


April Fools! Of course we are not making Awesome Super Gaelic Football! Our passion to make this game is what keeps pushing us forward, we’re not going to change that! Even if we had to change the name, I’m sure we could come up with something better than that!

Although we definitely had some of you going! Some of you…not so much! But aren’t you disappointed that you can’t be an accountant in a video game? I know we are! Maybe we’ll implement some of the features in future releases!

In other news, you only have today and tomorrow left to get entered into our draw for a All Star Gaelic Football jersey. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the Facebook post below to get your entry in. Times ticking!

*** COMPETITION TIME ***You have the chance to win one of our limited edition ASG Football jerseys. To be in with a…

Posted by Mojopin Studios on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

As many people will know, we are running a Kickstarter for our Gaelic Football game All Star Gaelic Football on April 9th 2018. We are so excited to get this up and running and hope you are too. There will be many great rewards for backing us which you can check out closer to the time, but stay tuned here and on our social media for further news!

We hope you will help us get the word out, share, share, share!

Mojopin Studios are currently on the lookout for a talented UI designer to complete work on a project as part of the development of All Star Gaelic Football.

If you are experienced with UI design for 3D games and menus, we would love to hear from you. Having experience with other sports titles would be greatly beneficial.

The role is required for a quick turnaround, within about 2-3 weeks. If you feel you can produce within that timeframe, you might be the one for us.

Get in contact via careers@mojopinstudios.com

Mojopin Studios are proud to announce that we are bringing All Star Gaelic Football to Kickstarter in March! It has been a long time coming, but we are finally ready to give you all a bit more of a look at ASG Football. There will be some fantastic rewards available, with the game being the highlight of course, but there will be a reward for every level of backer who wants to do everything they can to help us bring the game to market.

We know that there is high anticipation for the game and we need that to translate into backers. So, do what you can to help spread the word, the more people that know about the game, and that back the game, the better the game can be. We will answer as many questions as we can within our Kickstarter campaign, so we won’t be answering any questions until then. We will release exact details of the Kickstarter launch soon, so stay tuned.

In related news, we will be in San Francisco to attend the Game Developers Conference in March as well. There, we will be meeting a number of potential publishing partners, which will hopefully take the game from strength to strength. We are all hands to the pump at the minute, and only look to be getting busier in the next couple of months. We look forward to showing you all a bit more soon, we hope you can repay the favour by sharing, sharing, sharing! Without you, this game cannot happen!

There has been a lot said in recent years with regards to the lack of competitive games for the so-called “weaker” counties in Gaelic Football. Just yesterday there was the reports of an “Angry Leitrim Fan” unhappy with the current structure. And there have been many more reports of the same from similar counties and commentators alike. The new Super 8 proposals do not address the issues surrounding the lower tier teams.

So we at Mojopin Studios decided to see what we could come up with to address the situation. See the below link for our proposals. (Yes, the proposals might be a bit formal, but we might present them to the GAA some day!)

Mojopin Studios proposals for reform of Football Championships

Within these proposals, we aim to ensure 4 things:

  • The provincial championships are maintained
  • All counties will be able to progress to All-Ireland Senior Football Final
  • All counties have the opportunity for more competitive games
  • Reduce amount of time from start to finish of the Championship, to get players back to their clubs asap

The way we see it, the Championship has 4 ways of working:

  • Old style – 4 provincial winners in semi-finals of All-Ireland series
  • Current style – Qualifiers
  • New proposed style – Super 8
  • Our proposed style – B-tier championship

Either way, I think we will provide all 4 options, for you to choose, for All Star Gaelic Football.

What do you think? How would you change the Championship for the better for all?