There has been a lot said in recent years with regards to the lack of competitive games for the so-called “weaker” counties in Gaelic Football. Just yesterday there was the reports of an “Angry Leitrim Fan” unhappy with the current structure. And there have been many more reports of the same from similar counties and commentators alike. The new Super 8 proposals do not address the issues surrounding the lower tier teams.

So we at Mojopin Studios decided to see what we could come up with to address the situation. See the below link for our proposals. (Yes, the proposals might be a bit formal, but we might present them to the GAA some day!)

Mojopin Studios proposals for reform of Football Championships

Within these proposals, we aim to ensure 4 things:

  • The provincial championships are maintained
  • All counties will be able to progress to All-Ireland Senior Football Final
  • All counties have the opportunity for more competitive games
  • Reduce amount of time from start to finish of the Championship, to get players back to their clubs asap

The way we see it, the Championship has 4 ways of working:

  • Old style – 4 provincial winners in semi-finals of All-Ireland series
  • Current style – Qualifiers
  • New proposed style – Super 8
  • Our proposed style – B-tier championship

Either way, I think we will provide all 4 options, for you to choose, for All Star Gaelic Football.

What do you think? How would you change the Championship for the better for all?